What is the Social Brain?

  For years, the power of the social brain has been completely underestimated. So, what exactly is the social brain? We like to think of it as the driving force in learning and gateway to cognition. Time after time, research demonstrates that the social brain operates to assist learning throughout our lives.  Here’s a study… Read more »

Recent Advances in the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

  The 21st century has seen amazing progress on the front of understanding diseases that affect the central nervous system. Much of the research done has been targeted on gaining an insight into the disease process, distinguishing exactly which genetic mutations cause the disease to manifest and how these mutations progress to a pathological state.… Read more »

5 Types of Headaches Explained

  Headaches are a strikingly common medical complaint that nearly all of us have experienced at one point or another. They are quite often described with vulgar language while individuals experience extreme discomfort during an episode.  Before going into some of the more common types of headaches that individuals face, it is important to state… Read more »

How Meditation Can Actually Change Your Brain

Over the years, many of us have heard how meditation can set the mind free. While it can be tough to know what this means or even what one should expect, those who practice meditation regularly have a great sense for just how effective these methods are. For centuries, many societies have linked meditation to… Read more »

Can Dementia Be Prevented?

One of the questions we receive the most is ‘Can dementia be prevented?’ As with many neurological conditions affecting the brain, research is still relatively new and not completely understood in this field as long-term effects have not been seen yet. However, there has been a large push over the course of the last 20… Read more »

10 Foods That Can Help Relieve Your Chronic Pain

In the modern day, we often look at pain as something that can only be modulated through the use of medication. Western society is grown accustomed to instant gratification in all areas of our lives that the majority have drifted away from natural remedies in exchange for a magic bullet approach through traditional medicine. One… Read more »

Treatment Options for Migraines

Anyone who has ever dealt with migraines needs no introduction to how painful and debilitating they can be. For those suffering from chronic migraines, quality of life is often impacted. Migraines are considered chronic when a person has headaches on more days than not. There various traditional and alternative treatment options for migraines that may… Read more »

6 Benefits of Meditation

  It seems like talk about mindfulness and meditation is everywhere these days. While various religions and cultures have been using these techniques for millennia, the practice has experienced a resurgence in recent years. There are classes, studios, and phone apps dedicated to the practice. Its devotees sing its praises, claiming a myriad of health… Read more »

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Stroke

  May is American Stroke Awareness Month, and at Regional Neurological Associates, part of our mission is to educate our patients, and the general population, on stroke signs and symptoms, risk factors, and prevention methods. We pride ourselves on providing cutting edge neurological care, including stroke recovery. However, the best-case scenario for us is early… Read more »

Mediterranean Diet: Here’s What You Need to Know

Many seem to constantly be searching for a diet to help us maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor. Unlike fad diets which often are not sustainable in the long-term, the Mediterranean diet offers a variety of health benefits that make it worth considering. Here’s what you need to know: What is the Mediterranean… Read more »