Conditions Treated

Headaches and Migraines

At Regional Neurological Associates, we understand how stressful and detrimental headache and migraines can be to one's daily life. Whether you suffer from minor or severe pain, we can help treat patients to live a normal, pain-free life. Our goal is to determine what is triggering your migraine and provide long-term solutions to help prevent future cases.

Neuromuscular Disease

For patients that are affected by skeletal or peripheral nerve disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve injury and cranial neuropathy (e.g. facial palsy), our highly experienced doctors offer you comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services. We will diagnose your condition, devise the appropriate and best treatment plan and address all of your concerns.

Back and Neck Pain

At Regional Neurological Associates, we can help relieve the stress caused by back and neck pain. We use the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatments to find the cause of pain and alleviate that pain as much as possible.

Disorders of the Spine

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body. It is protected and stabilized by the spine, a column of small bones (vertebrae) and discs. While not all spinal conditions require neurosurgery, some diseases and conditions may. Degenerative diseases of the spine include a group of conditions that involve a loss of normal structure and function. Pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots associated with spinal degeneration may be caused by disc displacement or herniation, a narrowing of the spinal canal or arthritic breakdown at spinal joints. Surgery may eventually be necessary as a condition progresses or when there is chronic pain or loss of nerve and organ function.


Epilepsy is a medical condition in which a person has reoccurring seizures, often with no identifiable cause. In most cases, the origin of epilepsy remains unknown. Our treatment program offers a comprehensive approach to epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

Treatment of Movement Disorders

We help patients manage movement disorders - a group of neurological conditions that cause abnormal, often involuntary movements, or slow, reduced movements, and often progress in severity over time. Effective treatments for movement disorders may include medications, therapy or neurosurgery.

Vascular Disease of the Brain

Vascular diseases affect the veins and arteries (blood vessels) that carry blood around the body. Many different conditions can affect the veins and arteries that deliver blood to the brain and spinal cord. Vascular disease can cause aneurysms. Proper diagnosis and treatment is key.

Patient Portal

For Existing patients - you have an opportunity to communicate with the healthcare team by logging into the Patient Portal:
- Send a non-emergent message to your doctor (messages will be checked Monday through Friday)
- Relay questions/concerns to our staff
- Request non-narcotic medication refills

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